Kalmar DCD420-12LB heavy forklift for major nationwide concrete factory in Southern Germany

UnikTruck has over the past 2 years delivered several 28-45 ton heavy forklifts to one of Germany’s premier concrete factories. The company has 11 regional factories in total, nine of these in Germany and two in Switzerland and Austria.

1½ years ago UnikTruck delivered a fully refurbished Kalmar DCD280-12LB with a rated capacity of 28 ton at 1200mm load-centre. The delivery was a success with the forklift giving good value-for-money. Just a few weeks after delivery the customer complained about cracks in the steel structure of the forks. UnikTruck remedied this quickly and swiftly with delivery of a brand new dedicated set of forks at no extra charge. A good example of our commitment to long-term customer satisfaction.

Just a few months ago the company once again had need for a heavy forklift, this time around a capacity of 42 ton at 1200mm load-centre was needed. One of the factories in the eastern part of Germany was beginning production of concrete elements with a total weight of 40000 kilo, and an adequate forklift was needed immediately.

Once again UnikTruck was challenged with the request of a compact 42 ton forklift with a very low overall height, as the forklift would have to fit into existing facilities. UnikTruck was able to source a young, pre-owned Kalmar DCD420-12LB forklift from our own fleet of rental forklifts. The forklift was quickly de-fleeted and converted with new dedicated and forged 3500mm oversize forks in order to have ample load-support for the oversize concrete elements.

UnikTruck did a turn-key delivery with heavy low-loader just 2½ weeks after order intake. The unit was assembled and tested on-site by our own dedicated staff before being taken into operation.

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Kalmar DCD420-12LB
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Kalmar DCD420-12LB delivered by UnikTruck