UnikTruck delivers fully refurbished Heden 56160-12 forklift to Danish crane-specialist

UnikTruck just delivered a fully refurbished 16 ton Heden heavy-duty forklift for the handling of crane components (crane beams and crane-weights) to a Danish specialist transport- and crane company.

The customer already had one 28 ton SveTruck forklift in operation, which had become too big for the current lifting needs. So the customer was looking for an extremely durable and robust 16 ton second-hand forklift with immediate delivery – and above all with an ultra-compact physical measures. UnikTruck was able to supply the legendary Heden 5000 series directly from the shelf within 2 days from date of ordering.


UnikTruck A/S always keeps more than 100 heavy capacity forklifts and container-handlers in stock for immediate delivery, regardless if it is for outright sale or rental purposes.

The forklift was quickly adapted to the specific application and was delivered with UnikTruck’s own dedicated Volvo FH16-750 heavy low-loader including on-site testing and instructions. The SveTruck 28 ton forklift was naturally traded in by UnikTruck and will be prepared for sale to the next user.

UnikTruck is focused on versatility and takes pride in being able to react quickly and precisely on customer demands.

Yet another fine example of the deep and wide UnikTruck versatility and competence , when it comes to solving materials handling needs out of the ordinary. If you need first-quality second-hand forklifts, we are the right company to speak to.

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We have for many years specialized our business in the purchase, sale and rental of heavy capacity forklifts and container-handling machines. And we transact all over the world. We work very closely with the leading brands in the field of heavy-equipment lifting – like Kalmar, Hyster, SveTruck and SMV.

We are, however, a brand-independent company and as such we can give you the best possible guidance, based on your individual needs and requirements. Our equipment is controlled, serviced and refurbished in our own specialized workshop located within the Freeport of Hamburg, Germany. Our experience and competence mean that we can offer a high uniform quality – also on pre-owned equipment.

We continuously keep more than 100 heavy capacity forklifts and container-handlers in stock for immediate delivery or rental.

You can always see our stock of units in real-time at www.uniktruck.com

Background information on Heden

Heden was a long-time specialist in the development and manufacturing of medium-heavy forklifts from 4–16 ton capacity. The company was renowned for a no-nonsense approach to quality and is widely regarded as one of the genuine high-quality factories in the industry.