Company profile

UnikTruck is an internationally oriented trading company that specializes in buying, selling and renting out as-good-as-new preowned forklift trucks and container-handling equipment. Our international contacts and the proven competence in handling preowned equipment, is your guarantee for excellent products and services at a reasonable price compared to new equipment.

In principle we buy, sell and rent forklifts in all categories and sizes, and with both electrical and internal combustion engines. But our most important competence lies in the heavy forklift and container-handling categories from 10 – 52 tonnes capacity, which has been our specialty for many years. Through the last 15 years we have established a solid and wide network of trading partners around the world.

UnikTruck was established as an independent company by the CEO Mr. Michael Laursen in 2007. Michael Laursen is the former CEO and owner of the DanTruck forklift company in Denmark, and as such has close to 20 years of international forklift experience in the medium- and heavy forklift and container-handling segments.

The main markets were traditionally Scandinavia and Germany but we have expanded immensely over the past 3-4 years, and today we can proudly state that we trade and do business all over the world – literally. On many of our foreign markets we keep separate stocks of forklifts, which means that we often do not transport a heavy capacity forklift or container-handler before it is sold. This provides flexibility and also reduces cost for the benefit of both our customers and ourselves.

Due to the internationalization which our company has undergone over the past years more than 95% of our turnover derives from activities outside our original home-market in Denmark. As a consequence of this we have opened an office as well as workshop and stock facilities directly within the international Port of Hamburg, Germany. All our equipment is routed via our stock in Hamburg where each unit is classified and will later be refurbished according to customer requirements.
From our premises in Hamburg we subsequently distribute our machines directly to customers on all continents. The utilization of Hamburg, Germany's biggest Port-city as a main hub for trading, renting and refurbishing as well as the implied logistics has been done in order to be as close to the customers and the marketplace as possible, both economically and physically.