Rental and financing

The purchase of a forklift truck or a container-handler – especially in the higher capacity classes – can be a very cash demanding exercise. An increasing number of companies wish to keep their operating capital for their core business-areas, which is why we see an increasing tendency to rent the equipment instead of buying it.

We offer 2 various methods of rental in order to ensure flexibility:

  1. UnikTruck offers short-term-rental (STR) where we finance the equipment and take care of maintenance. We are self financed and own our own stock of equipment, so we have a very unique flexibility in this business area.
  2. Alternatively UnikTruck offers long-term-rental (LTR) where we sell the equipment to a financial company, and take care of the maintenance. And we guarantee the depreciated buy-back value of the equipment at the end of the contract. This gives our customers the possibility to focus on the core-business and maintain an optimum of flexibility.

There are numerous advantages implied in short- and long-term rental, for example:

  • The paid rental costs are fully deductable in the P&L account
  • No capital tied up in equipment
  • No down payment
  • No scrap value at the end of the contract
  • No VAT to pay as you are renting, not purchasing the equipment
  • No stress on the bank limits
  • No initial document costs as we handle this free of charge

Please contact us at info [at] uniktruck [dot] com for a rental quote that suits your needs.