Transport and equipment

We pride ourselves in assuring quick and effective worldwide delivery og wide, high and heavy loads.

Our strategic location directly within the international Port of Hamburg, from where we are able to ship heavy equipment directly towards all corners of the world, ensures that we keep close to our customers.

Our fleet of lorries and dedicated low-loaders are tailor-made to the transports and applications which we carry out for our customers. And our lorry drivers are specially trained to handle heavy-duty transports with high-, wide- and heavy loads. We own and operate five dedicated lorries with 8 pcs. low-loaders and heavy-low-loaders which have all been built and designed specifically according to our individual needs and requirements. The result is that we give our customers an unprecedented quality and swiftness in terms of transporting forklifts and container-handlers in all sizes and weights.

Furthermore we cooperate with several external shipping companies when it comes to cargo and roro transports. Our suppliers all have a high level of experience and competence when it comes to heavy equipment transports, regardless if it is by forwarded by sea-vessel or by way of road transport. All our transports are fully documented and we comply with all necessary export and duty criteria. We take care of planning, transport permits, police escort if applicable, insurance, duty clearance and other documents.

Consequently we do not merely help our customers find the exact right used forklift or container-handler, we take pride in delivering a complete package of product and services including door to door transports and initial on-site assistance if requested – and always based on our own in-house competences and ressources.

Fleet of lorries and low-loaders:

Volvo FH13 4x2 with 3-axle jumbo curtainsider
Volvo FH13 6x2 with 3-axle low-loader with tailor-made segmented super-lowbed
Volvo FH16 6x2 with 4-axle low-loader with tailor-made segmented super-low-bed
MAN TGX41.540 8x4 with 4-axle extendable heavy-duty lowbed trailer with detachable gooseneck
Volvo FH16 10x4 with 4-axle extendable heavy-duty lowbed trailer with 2-axle inter-dolly and detachable gooseneck