Flexibility when needed……

UnikTruck A/S recently had to move two SveTruck 16CS 4H empty-container forklifts from A to B. Due to a very short time to react we had to move them on our normal low-bed lorries without special road-permit.

This presented us with an additional challenge as the extremely wide track of a container-forklift is too wide for driving safely on and off a lowbed-trailer.

We quickly adapted and gave the SveTruck 16CS 4H container-forklift wings in the form of a heavy-duty mobile crane, which safely lifted the forklift onto the super-lowbed-trailer.



With only a few hours to react we were able to move the machine safely from A to B due to our experience and versatility when it comes to handling heavy capacity machinery.


Yet again an example of the versatility and in-depth competence which separate UnikTruck A/S from the general market-place.