Hyster 45 ton laden-container reachstacker delivered to military base in Germany

UnikTruck was chosen as supplier of a Hyster RS45-31CH laden-container reachstacker to a major US military base in Germany.

The Hyster reachstacker is able to handle containers with 45 ton weight in 15200 metres height. It will be used to handle general cargo and various military equipment.

The unit was dismantled in 3 pieces in our workshop in Denmark, and subsequently sent by road on heavy-capacity low-loaders through Denmark and Germany. The dismantling in 3 pieces was necessary to attain the correct weight and size in order to pass through the road restrictions on the A7 motorway in Northern Germany, where heavy road construction work is going on.

Once on-site in southern Germany the basic Hyster unit was re-assembled by our trained specialists with the assistance of one mobile-crane from a local supplier, and put into immediate container-handling operation.

The unit will run on a full-service contract for the next many years – also handled by UnikTruck.

Yet another example of our wide and deep competence when it comes to specialized heavy-duty lifting.

Hyster 45 ton laden-container reachstacker delivered to military base in Germany
Hyster 45 ton laden-container reachstacker
Hyster 45 ton laden-container reachstacker delivered to military base
Military base in Germany gets Hyster 45 ton laden-container reachstacker
ilitary base gets Hyster 45 ton laden-container reachstacker

UnikTruck background information

We have for many years specialized our business in the purchase, sale and rental of heavy capacity forklifts and container-handling machines. And we transact all over the world. We work very closely with the leading brands in the field of heavy-equipment lifting – like Kalmar, Hyster, SveTruck and SMV.

We are, however, a brand-independent company and as such we can give you the best possible guidance, based on your individual needs and requirements. Our equipment is controlled, serviced and refurbished in our own specialized workshop located within the Freeport of Hamburg, Germany. Our experience and competence means that we can offer a high uniform quality – also on pre-owned equipment.

We continuously keep more than 100 heavy capacity forklifts and container-handlers in stock for immediate delivery or rental.

You can always see our stock of units in real-time at www.uniktruck.com

Hyster background information

Hyster is the world’s 4th largest manufacturer of forklifts and has been a major player in the materials handling industry for more than 80 years.

Hyster is one of the real pioneers in the forklift trade and has a unique product range within big forklifts and reachstackers.

The Hyster ReachStacker has long been regarded as one of the most reliable and robust container handlers in the world. With energy efficient technologies that can offer proven fuel savings of up to 20%, the Hyster ReachStacker is sure to lower the cost of any operation.

Designed to achieve maximum space utilisation in intense container terminals and ports, this big truck offers outstanding manoeuvrability and superior handling speeds with no loss of power at full capacity for demanding loads.

Hyster ReachStacker Highlights:

  • 12 different heavy duty trucks are designed to suit the toughest applications with Intermodal handling (IH) options for stacking in different rail positions and  container handling (CH) options for high density container stacking up to 6-high and 3-rows deep Capacities of up to 41 tonnes are possible in the 2nd row for CH models, ensuring that there are no container weight limitations in the 2nd row
  • The high-performance power train has built in engine and transmission protection system ensures maximum reliability and a low total cost of ownership
  • A new boom design is proven to offer increased durability, easier maintenance, as well as less wear and improved component life. This lowers service costs helping to reduce overall operating costs
  • The uniquely wide spaced boom head provides strong support for the spreader which makes light work of handling 20'- 40' ISO Containers
  • Oil-immersed brakes on the drive axle feature oil cooling for durability and are virtually maintenance free. The drive axle itself has reinforced spindles offering excellent sideways stability and long-term durability thanks to the strong end reduction shafts and gears. The wide heavy duty steer axle features a double acting, single steering cylinder with non-adjustable tie rods and has low maintenance requirements
  • The sliding “Vista Cab” provides excellent comfort and all-round visibility for the driver in the toughest applications and extreme weather conditions