16 ton Kalmar LPG forklift to stevedoring company in Ireland

UnikTruck recently completed delivery of a preowned, fully refurbished 16 ton Kalmar GCE160-6 forklift to a major stevedoring company in Dublin, Ireland.

The customer needed a clean, environment friendly heavy forklift which would fit into the existing production and facilities.

The forklift was equipped with 7000mm triplex mast with full freelift, 3-way catalytic converter and was fully refurbished prior to delivery. After refurbishment the forklift was painted in customer specific white and blue colors and livery.

The forklift was delivered by UnikTruck’s own dedicated low-loader to Amsterdam Port and shipped directly to the customer in Dublin, Ireland.

16 ton Kalmar LPG forklift
16 ton Kalmar LPG
16 ton Kalmar
Kalmar LPG forklift
Kalmar LPG