Kalmar DCE 80-6LB rental forklift with 8 ton capacity specially built for driving into 20-40” containers delivered for stevedoring & general cargo handling in Hamburg

UnikTruck recently completed delivery of a low-built Kalmar 8 ton diesel forklift to a privately owned stevedoring company in Hamburg, Germany. The customer is a major logistics- and service-provider to numerous logistics companies, and one of the important business areas is the stuffing of 20” and 40” containers. This application meant that the customer was looking for an 8-9 ton diesel forklift with the capability of driving into containers which are only 2300mm high.

The customer was looking for a new forklift with the ability to drive into containers and operate with full-freelift. The idea was to combine this specific application with general cargo handling, thus making the companys existing 8 ton forklift obsolete.

UnikTruck presented a solution based on Kalmar’s unique DCE80-6LB series which is dedicated for driving into containers. The forklift was further equipped with a triplex mast with full-freelift, thus maximizing the overall versatility of the unit. Furthermore the unit was delivered with a slightly prolonged wheelbase in order to maximize stability when handling goods at long point of gravity.

The new Kalmar LB forklift was delivered by UnikTrucks own dedicated low-bed lorry from factory in Sweden directly to the customer. Subsequently the forklift went directly into operation.

Yet another example of class-leading competence and versatility when it comes to specialized, heavy materials handling solutions.

Background information

We have for many years specialized our business in the purchase, sale and rental of heavy capacity forklifts and container-handling machines. And we transact all over the world. We work very closely with the leading brands in the field of heavy-equipment lifting – like Kalmar, Hyster, SveTruck and SMV.

We are, however, a brand-independent company and as such we can give you the best possible guidance, based on your individual needs and requirements. Our equipment is controlled, serviced and refurbished in our own specialized workshop located within the Freeport of Hamburg, Germany. Our experience and competence means that we can offer a high uniform quality – also on pre-owned equipment.

We continuously keep 80 – 100 heavy capacity forklifts and container-handlers in stock for immediate delivery or rental. You can always see out stock of units in real-time at www.uniktruck.com