SMV Konecranes SL25-1200B forklift delivered to concrete factory in Southern Germany

UnikTruck has just delivered a 25 ton SMV/Konecranes forklift for handling of concrete elements in Southern Germany. The customer was looking for a new or almost new 25 ton forklift. UnikTruck was selected as supplier due to the variety and quality of its products.

The customer chose a second-hand SMV/Konecranes 25-1200 with just 201 hours on the clock. The result was a forklift just as good as new, but at a substantially better price.

The forklift was adapted to the specific application with extra long forks, and was delivered including on-site assembly, testing and instructions.

UnikTruck in brief:

UnikTruck was established in Denmark in 2007 as a niche company, dedicated to be a competence partner for both end-users and dealers within the heavy materials-handling and container-handling business. We have from the very beginning specialized our business in the purchase, sale and rental of heavy capacity forklifts and container-handling machines. We transact all over the world and we work very closely with the leading brands in the field of heavy-equipment lifting – like Kalmar, Hyster, SveTruck and SMV.

We are, however, a brand-independent company and as such we can give you the best possible guidance, based on your individual needs and requirements. Our equipment is controlled, serviced and refurbished in our own specialized workshop located within the Freeport of Hamburg, Germany. Our experience and competence means that we can offer a high and uniform quality – also on pre-owned heavy equipment.

We continuously keep 80 – 100 heavy capacity forklifts and container-handlers in stock for immediate delivery or rental. As one of the few players in the market, we always keep a full range of 12, 16, 25, 32 and 45 ton of rental forklifts available in stock.

You can always see our full stock of units in real-time at

Should you have any questions specifically to this article please feel free to contact one of our trade specialists.

SMV Konecranes in brief:

In 1959 the very first SMV lift truck was shipped from the factory in southern Sweden. SMV put their heart into that first delivery, making the truck with great care and craftsmanship. SMV uses the exact same attitude today, over half a century later. SMV now sell and service their lift trucks and container-handlers all over the world as part of Konecranes, one of the world's leading provider of smarter lifting equipment and service. Visit the SMV production facilities and you'll find a close-knit community of Konecranes people with a common passion: making the hardest-working, longest-lived lift trucks in the world.

At SMV they live and breathe lift trucks and container-handling reachstackers.

At the modern production plants in Markaryd, Sweden and Shanghai, China, SMV combine the latest technology with efficient manufacturing methods and fine craftsmanship.

The result is high quality products with cutting-edge technology regardless if it’s heavy-capacity forklift, an empty-container stacker or a laden container-handler.


SMV Konecranes
SMV Konecranes SL25-1200B
SMV Konecranes SL25-1200B forklift