UnikTruck delivers 32 ton SMV – Konecranes heavy forklift to a Steelworks in England

UnikTruck recently completed delivery of a preowned, fully refurbished 32 ton SMV / Konecranes SL32-1200B forklift to a major forklift dealership in the UK. The forklift will operate on a long-term contract in a steel factory in Sheffield, UK.

The customer needed a clean, environment friendly and durable heavy forklift with low hours which would fit into a long-term contract including full-service. The answer was a young, preowned SMV / Konecranes 32 ton forklift coming off UnikTruck’s own rental-fleet.

The forklift was serviced and safety approved prior to delivery.

The forklift was delivered by UnikTruck’s own dedicated low-loader to Cuxhaven Port and shipped directly to Immingham in the UK. From there on a local low-loader completed delivery to the end-user.

32 ton SMV – Konecranes heavy forklift
32 ton SMV – Konecranes
Konecranes heavy forklift
SMV – Konecranes heavy forklift
32 ton SMV