SveTruck 13,6 ton forklift delivered to forwarding agent in Berlin, Germany


UnikTruck delivered a 13,6 ton SveTruck forklift for containerized furniture transports in Germany. The unit was delivered in September 2014 on outright purchase conditions. The customer moved to new and bigger premises, and had to regularly stuff and move 20” containers with furniture content. As a result they were looking for a used 10 or 12 ton forklift.

UnikTruck did an on-site application analysis and found that the company actuelly needed a 13,6 ton forklift in order to cope with the loads and point-of-gravity in question.

The customer subsequently chose a 13,6 ton SveTruck from year 1994 which was refurbished by UnikTruck prior to delivery. It was important for the customer to find a good quality used forklift which was not too expensive, because the annual usage is quite limited. The SveTruck product, which is renowned for its sturdiness and no-nonsense construction was the perfect choice.

UnikTruck delivered the forklift only 4 weeks after concluding the purchase contract. The forklift was delivered fully assembled on low-loader and put directly into operation. It was equipped with new forks and a new transmission in order to secure long-term economy of use.

A good example of a high-quality delivery from UnikTruck at a very low cost level

Background information

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