UnikTruck delivers good-as-new 9 ton Hyster H9.00 XM-6 heavy forklift to stevedore company in Austria

UnikTruck recently completed delivery of a preowned, fully refurbished 9 ton Hyster XM heavy-capacity forklift to a stevedore company in the northern part of Austria. 

The customer needed a clean, environment friendly and durable heavy forklift with low hours with very compact physical measures. And they wanted a product in top quality which would ensure low operating costs for many years to come. The customer already had Hyster forklifts in operation, and again wanted to stick with this brand due to the tough construction and low lifetime-costs which characterizes a Hyster.

The customer approached several suppliers, but quickly decided to team up with UnikTruck as a true specialist in this field of business. 

The Hyster H9.00 XM-6 forklift was chosen because of its high quality and ultra compact build. With a wheelbase of 2700mm and an overall width of only 2300mm the forklift still manages to handle 9 metric tonnes at 600mm load-centre into full lifting-height. 

The forklift was an ex demo unit with only a few hundred hours on the clock. The Hyster forklift was serviced and safety approved prior to delivery in our specialized heavy-equipment workshop. 

The forklift was delivered turn-key by UnikTruck’s own dedicated low-loader including driver-training and safety instruction provided from the beginning. 

Yet another example of our wide and deep competence as well as quick response-time, when it comes to specialized, industrial heavy-duty handling.

Hyster H9.00XM_forklift_to_Austria
UnikTruck_delivers_Hyster H9.00XM_forklift_to_Austria


Hyster H9.00XM_forklift_to_stevedore_company_in_Austria

UnikTruck background information

We have for many years specialized our business in the purchase, sale and rental of heavy capacity forklifts and container-handling machines. And we transact all over the world. We work very closely with the leading brands in the field of heavy-equipment lifting – like Kalmar, Hyster, SveTruck and SMV. 

We are, however, a brand-independent company and as such we can give you the best possible guidance, based on your individual needs and requirements.

All of our equipment is controlled, serviced and refurbished in our own specialized workshop located within the Freeport of Hamburg, Germany. Our track-record, experience and competence mean that we can offer a high uniform quality – also on pre-owned equipment. 

We continuously keep more than 100 heavy capacity forklifts and container-handlers in stock for immediate delivery or rental. 

You can always browse our products and services in real-time at www.uniktruck.com

Hyster background information

Hyster is the world’s 4th largest manufacturer of forklifts and has been a major player in the materials handling industry for more than 80 years. 

Hyster is one of the real pioneers in the forklift trade and has a unique product range within big forklifts and reachstackers.