UnikTruck is focused on establishing and maintaining long-term business relationships with our customers. Experience has taught us that a thorough technical check-up and change of essential wear-and-tear parts,  add value to the customer and also ensures that customer expectations are met.

We therefore pride ourselves in delivering fully tested, fully functional and value-for-money heavy equipment which match the different needs and wished of each individual customer.

We maintain a highly skilled team of technicians in our workshop. We have the necessary competence in service, mechanical refurbishment, welding, machining as well as painting and surface treatment.

All our equipment is routed through our facilities in Hamburg. In a specialized workshop, specifically built and equipped to handle heavy equipment, we inspect the equipment and subsequently classify it in 3 different technical categories;

  1. Functional as-is condition
  2. Serviced and safety inspected
  3. Fully refurbished and safety inspected

Due to the classification principle we often do not put a specific price on our equipment before we have entered into a specific dialogue with a specific customer, as the extent of refurbishing has a significant impact on the prizing. The individual needs and requirements of each customer is then discussed and decided upon, and we then price the equipment specifically including each specific customers needs.